Monday, 6 October 2014

Shop Is Now Closed




Else Siegel (using the fern digi)

In the words of Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli, it’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ & close Janey’s Digi Designs.

It’s been a blast & I’m so grateful to everyone who supported me during this adventure. My real job has surpassed all of my expectations & wildest dreams & finding time to draw is non-existent.

The shop is now CLOSED.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Summer Loving

Hey everyone!
I can’t believe it’s already July…. feels like only last week I was shimmying much beloved into the loft with the Christmas decorations.
I’m thrilled to share this stunning card with you from the lovely Else who has the most unique style to her cards & colouring.
Jealous? Moi?
Else has used the Icelandic Poppy & Centaurea digi stamps that you can get your floral mitts on here.
Have a happy summer!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lovely Lupins



Hey everyone!
Just popping in quickly to share a card by the wonderful Else using the Lupin digi stamp.

Thank you to everyone who continues to buy my digi stamps & shares their beautiful creations.
Meanwhile I am flat out with my gardening work & growing plants to sell. You can read all about that here on my gardening blog Tidy Gardens By Jane.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Delicate Freesia



Hi everyone!
I hope you’re all well.

Today I’d like to share the daintiest of creations by one of our customer’s Karen using the Freesia digi stamp that you can get here.
Unfortunately Karen doesn’t have a blog but if you want to leave her some love here I know she’ll see it Smile

If you’re just coming into the spring season then now’s the time to plant freesia bulbs outside. By summer your garden will have the sweetest of perfume filling the air.

Thank you Karen (Waving!!) for sharing your card with us.
If you’ve made a card using one my digi stamps then I’d love to hear from you.



Thursday, 6 February 2014

Gorgeous Rudbeckias


Jackie Scott

Today started perfectly with an email from one of our customers notifying me of this stunning creation.
It’s been such a grey, miserable & wet day but this has certainly brightened & warmed it up.
It’s by Jackie Scott over at My Crafting Place using the Rudbeckia digi that you can find here…great isn’t it?
Thanks for sharing with us Jackie XX

If you’ve made a card using one of Janey’s Digi Designs then I’d love to feature it here & on our Facebook page. Drop me a line at with a link and I’ll pop over to visit.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!

With gale force storms battering residents of Blighty for the past month, spring can’t come soon enough.
Sweet, flowery perfume wafting in the air, warm, sunny days, busy bees & butterflies floating on the breeze.

To get you in the mood here’s a beautiful creation by one of our regular customers Stella. I love the way she’s added water droplets, makes it look more real.

If you’ve made a card using one of Janey’s Digi Designs then drop me a line at so I can feature your creation here for everyone to see.


Sunday, 10 November 2013

Embossed Poppy

chics card[1]

Hey Everyone!
I hope you’re all well & have had a peaceful weekend.
I have to admit I’m looking forward to winter and having a bit of ‘me time’. I’ve been so busy with my gardening work this year and finding time to create some new images has been impossible. Hopefully over the holidays, when the gardens close down, I’ll be able to get drawing again.
Meanwhile I have another inspiring creation to share with you from the wonderful Kate (I Love Socks & Cards).

Using the popular Icelandic Poppy digi, Kate has beautifully embossed the image in a lush blue to create a very special Thank You card. Not only do I love it but I love even more that some people do still take the trouble to say ‘Thank You’ with a card…pretty special.

Don’t forget you can join us on Facebook too & please email me if you’ve made a card using one of my images. I’d love to share it here with everyone.


Have a great week everyone, stay safe n’ warm.


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Unseasonably Floral

JDD & FB & JC blog

It’s almost the end of October & the last of the lupins has finally been cut down this week in the Tidy Garden. For a summer flowering perennial we sure did get value for money.
So lupins on a card in October? Not such a daft idea after all…lol.

You can get your floral mitts on this image here…

Janey’s Digi Designs 


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

3 Amazing Creations!

Stella (1)

Hi everyone…hope you’re having a great week.
Today I have 3 amazing creations to share with you by one of our wonderful customers Stella. She’s used the Icelandic Poppy digi on all 3 cards but the end result on each is quite different and her colour choice is unique too.

stella (2)

Am I allowed to have a fav’?
I love this lush purple, wouldn’t this colour look incredible in the garden?


Sorry this one’s a tad blurry but it’s another beautiful colour don’t you agree?
Thank you Stella for allowing me to share your creations with everyone. Stella doesn’t have a blog yet but as soon as she does I’ll add a link so you can go leave some love.

We’d love you to join us over on our Facebook page and don’t forget to let me know if you’ve made a card using one of Janey’s Digi Designs.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Trying new things...

... eugh its grey and miserable here today - so looking at the gorgeous sweet pea image reminds me of the fab summer we have had!!  Here is a card I made using Janeys image, I also tried a bit of free hand doodling and also had a go at a twisted easel card, excuse all the piccies it was just a bit tricky tying to get the effect :-) :

You can find more info on my card here.

Thanks for looking


Saturday, 28 September 2013

White Van Wo-Man

JDD & FB  JC blog (1)
Hey everyone!
I hope you’re all having a fab n’ groovy weekend.
It’s been a busy ol’ week for me, I’ve spent most of it as a complete nervous wreck as I’ve finally got myself a van for my gardening work.
After 3 years of hoicking the lawn mower, a myriad of tools, soil & plants into the back of the family car, it was time to get something more practical.


It’s been a bit of a shock going back to manual gears after the luxury (& laziness) of an automatic and because there are no windows at the back I’m also having to learn to park & reverse using just wing mirrors. Scary stuff but I love it. Just gotta sort out the logo.

Meanwhile, here’s a card I’ve made using the Aquilegia Flower.
Can’t stop…I’ve a van manual to read & Yorkie bar to nibble on.
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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Poppy Love

Kate JDD & FB

More gorgeousness than you can throw a stick at.
This one is by the fabulous Kate (she of the crazy blog name…lol).
Tiz a cracker, I think you’ll agree.

Don’t forget we’d love to showcase your creations using Janey’s Digi Designs images here & on our Facebook page.
Just send an email to with a link to visit your card / scrapbook page.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hey Buddy-Leia


Thought I’d share the Buddleia digi with you today.
The end of summer saw some naked patches start to appear in our garden so a quick visit to my plant suppliers & we now have 2 new additions to our Nectar Bar (flower bed dedicated to attracting insects)…Buddleia.
We have a pink, miniature version, that even had a Peacock butterfly on it while I paid for it and a tall deep purple one called Black Knight.

17.8.2013 (2)

We’ve put the miniature one in a large pot alongside a Fern, a Heuchera ‘marmalade’, a Weigela & a Purple Toadflax to provide all year round interest.
Now we can sit with a cuppa & watch the butterflies feed right under our noses.

Buddleia – Janey’s Digi Designs

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

More Customer Creations

Else ALL (2)
Regular visitors to this blog will recognise the unique style of these 2 cards by the ‘uber’ talented Else Siegel.
I wish, wish, wish I could colour like Else. Her rustic, aged look is so original & refreshing.
Else has used the Icelandic Poppy digi above and the Bleeding Heart digi below.
Else ALL (3)
Thank you (again) Else for sharing your wonderful cards!
Don’t forget, if you’ve made a card using one of my images then I’d love to showcase it here & on our Facebook page too.
Just drop me an email so I can come visit your blog.
Happy crafting!!
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Saturday, 7 September 2013


To create today's card, I merged Janey's Digi Designs' beautiful new release, Rudbeckia (a/k/a Black Eyed Susan), with Fall Word Art No. 01 by DesignerDigital before printing. The scribble lines are my personal works of art!
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