Thursday, 31 January 2013


Hi there, this is the gorgeous Polyanthus digi which you can find here in Jane's store - another beauty, methinks!
Full details of my card can be found on my blog here!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dropping By…


Dropwort (1)
Feast your eyes on this…Design Team member Mina’s creation using tiny elves with the Dropwort digi to create a magical scene.
You can get the Dropwort here….then hop, skip n’ jump over to Mina’s blog for all the details here.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hello Everyone, Chrissy here today to share another card I made using this gorgeous image LUPIN  from JANEYS DIGI DESIGNS  ...

I loved colouring this one up..and made the card quite simple...

Please pop over to my blog for more pictures and details...

Chrissys Cardland   look forward to seeing you...


Monday, 28 January 2013

Dropwort Vintage Style

Hello, Julie here (and very happy to be so!) showing you my card using the gorgeous Dropwort image,vintage style.  You can find the image here in Jane's online store.

And the whole card which you can find here on my blog with all the details.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Good Morning,  I've got my first Mothers Day card done - yay getting quite organised - lol.  Using one of Janes lovely images - Dropwort:

Hope you like it.  You can find details of my make on my blog here.

Thanks for looking


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Loopy for Lupins

Here’s one of our latest digi releases … Lupin.
Mr C & I have been increasing the number of plants in the Tidy Garden Nectar Cafe over the past couple of years (any excuse to go plant shopping really…) gathering a variety of insect attracting plants especially to help our bee population.
One of the most striking are Lupins and we’re fortunate to have a local grower (small field & a shed) who sells them for prices that would make garden centres weep with envy. So, we have got a ‘few’ (read as ‘quite a lot’) and the bees simply love them and we often just sit in the summer watching them stumble round their individual flowers prizing them open for the sweet pollen inside.
I’ve coloured this one in yellow & used it as the centre-piece for my card but I think this image would make a great embellishment too alongside a character or just a sentiment (going to try that next, I fancy doing a rich, red version).
Garden Used (42)[1] - Copy
Lupins from the Tidy Garden

You can get the Lupin digi here.

Now…go dig out your seed catalogue…xx

Icelandic Poppy Ensemble

This is my first card using Janey's amazing images and what a delight they are to work with.

May I present to you my Poppy Ensemble.

I have used the Icelandic Poppy (Single) and popped it inbetween 2 of the Icelandic Poppy Seed Head’s which have been flipped to produce a mirror image to frame the central flower.

For more information on materials used please pop over to my blog

Icelandic Poppy Head Seed

My card today features the airy Icelandic Poppy Seed Head from Janey's Digi Designs.  I never paid attention to what remains after the colorful petals of a flower had dropped but for sure, I will pay attention now! 

Friday, 25 January 2013


Thank you Jane for inviting me to the team and here's a card I've made using the Dropwort image you can find here. All the details are on my blog here.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Digi Release–Freesia

Freesia - Janey's Digi Designs
‘Freesia Jolly Good Fellow…Freesia Jolly Good Fellow’
The other day, a lovely blogger asked if I’d design a Freesia digi as it was her mother’s favourite flower.
Now we don’t have Freesia’s growing in the Tidy Garden (which will be rectified this year) but what we do have ‘in da house’ is one romantic ol’ fool in the shape of Mr C, who, once he saw the digi request, took it upon himself to purchase a posy of said blooms for the house and for me to draw (literally) inspiration.
OMG…the pair of us have sat intoxicated by their sweet perfume all week wondering why we’ve never grown them before.
So you can get the Freesia Digi here at Janey’s Digi Designs

…and if you want to grow your own pot of loveliness, then Sarah Raven has a great page here for top tips & advice.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Icelandic Poppy Seed Head

Call me old fashioned but I think the Icelandic Poppy Seed Head is a millions times more beautiful than when it’s fully clothed with tissue-like petals.
When Mr C bought these for the Tidy Garden last summer, I had strict instructions to keep dead-heading them to encourage more blooms, but I left (accidentally of course) one or 2 to go to seed…et voila!
You can get this dainty digi here at Janey’s Digi Designs Shop

Monday, 21 January 2013


Hello Everyone...Chrissy here to show you the cutest little flower..

This is my first card as a Design Team member at JANEYS DIGI DESIGNS using the DROPWORT FLOWER ..

Gorgeous flower...for more details on this card you can vist me HERE  would love to see you...


Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker Card
The stunning Red Hot Poker is enough to light up any garden with it’s
rich red, orange and yellow tones. But hey, colour it your way…I won’t tell Mother Nature…your secret’s safe.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Icelandic Poppy Seed Head

Hi, there - ooh this is all new and exciting.  I am so chuffed that Jane asked me to be on her Design Team for her new Digi Design venture. 

I was very kindly sent the Icelandic Poppy seed head image to play with - and this is my make:

I hope you like it.  You can find all the information on my blog here.


Bleeding Heart

Good morning

Well Jane asked my a few days ago if I wanted to work with her new digi's,and at first I had to think it over but than she said that it would be very relaxing ,so I said yes!!
But than I started creating my card and I don't call it relaxing lol,I'mnot a CAS girl lol,I don't have to many embellishment on my cards but this was a challenge for me !!

Well I used "Bleeding Heart"and you can find it at Jane's Digi's Design ,you can find more detail on my blog

Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by today.
XXX Heidy

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Design Team Announcement

I’m delirious with excitement to introduce the AMAZING crafters who are joining me here at Janey’s Digi Designs to share their ideas & inspiration with my new range of digital stamps.
Thank you so much ladies, I’m chuffed to bits that you’re all here.
Fanfare maestro … may I present -


My Photo

My Photo

My Photo

My Photo

Mijn foto

My Photo

My Photo

My Photo

My Photo

Not only are they amazing crafters, they’re all bonkers too…what a team!!!

Red Hot Poker

I am so honored to be a member of the inaugural design team for Janey's Digi DesignsThank you Janey!  I am equally excited to share with you my first card showcasing the gorgeous Red Hot Poker, a vibrant colored flower that adds brilliance to any garden and a smile from the recipient! Please join me in wishing Janey all the best in her new venture and don't forget to become a follower and indulge your crafty passion! For more about my card, please visit me here.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Janey’s Digi Designs is…..Open!

Bleeding Heart

The mayor in his finest bling has cut the ribbon, a bottle of plonk has been smashed against the side of the raft and Janey’s Digi Designs is finally……drum roll……OPEN!

The shop is at Etsy as Blogger, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & PayPal just couldn’t get along nicely.

There are a few ‘fantabulous’ people that I need to thank for getting me to this point, so brace yourselves for an Oscar winning list of ‘Thank You’s’.

*Judie at Crafty Emblies for teaching me about HTML’s & trying to set me up on Blogger and reassuring me I wasn’t mad (no cheeky comments please!)…awesome amigo.

*John AKA Doctor Digi's House of Stamps for allowing me to ‘pilfer’ some of his wise words & offer of help….top dude!

*The uber lovely & helpful Claire at Jellypark for her help with Photoshop & encouragement…thank you.

*My digi testers, Chrissy, Tammy & Ali…love you guys.

*Marlene (Mozzer) for your top tips…mwhahaha

*The men at Paypal for putting up with my stressed phone-calls… you can put the phone back on the hook now….

and finally

*My lovely husband Neil for inspiring me to do this & buying me that drawing thingy-m-bob for Christmas.


So here goes, this image is BLEEDING HEART
which, I know, looks like a row of legless turkeys on a washing-line!

Bleeding Heart Photo
Based on this romantic cracker that blooms in the Tidy Garden.

The amazing, if not slightly crazy Design Team, will be announced tomorrow.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

First of Janey's Digi Designs - Polyanthus

Happy New Year Everyone!
 The new kid on the block is me. For absolutely yonks I've wanted to have a go at creating my own images for cards based on my passion for gardening & garden photography.
Just as I hopped into bed late Christmas Eve night, 'much beloved' (heavilly disguised as Santa) handed me a beautifully wrapped box and said I should open it there & then. I couldn't believe he'd bought me a Graphics tablet to help me make my dream come true....what a guy!
So here's my first ever digital stamp which I will release at some stage. I've imaginatively (Not!) called this one 'Polyanthus' based on this beauty that bloomed in my Tidy Garden last Spring.
Polyanthus 'Cheshire Life'
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