Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Icelandic Poppy Seed Head

Call me old fashioned but I think the Icelandic Poppy Seed Head is a millions times more beautiful than when it’s fully clothed with tissue-like petals.
When Mr C bought these for the Tidy Garden last summer, I had strict instructions to keep dead-heading them to encourage more blooms, but I left (accidentally of course) one or 2 to go to seed…et voila!
You can get this dainty digi here at Janey’s Digi Designs Shop


Chrissy said...

I remember these plants Jane, my Mum had them down the side of the house, just didn't remember the name, gorgeous card, I like the seed head too, the petals were like tissue paper and drooped rather qickly, very pretty papers too..


Faye said...

Reminds me of marmalade. Very scrummy :) x

Sue - bearhouse said...

This is stunning, your choice of BP is perfect.
Sue xx

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