Saturday, 26 January 2013

Loopy for Lupins

Here’s one of our latest digi releases … Lupin.
Mr C & I have been increasing the number of plants in the Tidy Garden Nectar Cafe over the past couple of years (any excuse to go plant shopping really…) gathering a variety of insect attracting plants especially to help our bee population.
One of the most striking are Lupins and we’re fortunate to have a local grower (small field & a shed) who sells them for prices that would make garden centres weep with envy. So, we have got a ‘few’ (read as ‘quite a lot’) and the bees simply love them and we often just sit in the summer watching them stumble round their individual flowers prizing them open for the sweet pollen inside.
I’ve coloured this one in yellow & used it as the centre-piece for my card but I think this image would make a great embellishment too alongside a character or just a sentiment (going to try that next, I fancy doing a rich, red version).
Garden Used (42)[1] - Copy
Lupins from the Tidy Garden

You can get the Lupin digi here.

Now…go dig out your seed catalogue…xx


Chrissy said...

This is really lovely Jane, love the yellow..I might have to plant some they go to seed?.. and are they invasive?..I have such a tiny garden but with big gaps!!


Tammy said...

So beautiful and elegant! Love the gorgeous shade of yellow you've used for your pretty digi!

Ali said...

Love your layout!!

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