Thursday, 7 March 2013

Don’t Leaf It Out!

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Now….don’t look at me in a weird way…(weirder than normal that is)…but I have a ‘thing’ for foliage. When looking for plants for the garden it’s not all about the flowers it’s also about what’s there before & after the blooms have faded. You may well have huge, bright, blousy petals or a scent sweet enough to fill the poshest perfumery but for me it’s like buying a complete outfit, looking your best from head to toe.
The Aquilegia fits the bill… delicate, neat, fern-like foliage that holds onto the morning dew like tiny diamonds and tall, slender stems topped with flowers that almost seem too shy to share their beauty as you sometimes have to lift their heads to appreciate them.
So a big shout out for foliage from me today (maybe I am a tad weird).

Stamp – Aquilegia Foliage (Janey’s Digi Designs)


Tammy said...

No, you're not weird, well if you are, so am I because I agree! Gorgeous card!

Sue said...

Fabulous card and no your not weird I used to love drawing foliage when I did my Art 'A' level that was a long time ago LOL huggles hun Sue J xx

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