About Janey's Digi Designs


Janey's Digi Designs came about following my obsession with the garden and everything in it (except of course the washing-line).

I am a self-employed gardener by day (avid card-maker by night) and have my own business, Tidy Gardens by Jane. I think I have the best job in the world, I mean...imagine being on your hands & knees amongst sweet smelling flowers on a warm spring day, the sun's shining and you've got a robin & its chicks hopping around your hands clearing up the bugs.

Yes, I know, especially here in Blighty, it's not always sunshine & skipping through the daisies but hey...in the words of the great John Lennon...'You may sa...ayayayayay...I'm a dreamer'

Anyway...where was I? Oh yes... it was my husband who suggested I turn my passion for the garden and the photo's that I take into digital stamps to share, so that's where Janey's Digi Designs came about.

All of my digital stamps are based on my own original gardening photography.

It's a work in progress but I hope you'll enjoy working with my creations and don't forget to send me links to the cards you make and with your permission we'll include it on this blog.
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